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Are You Confident in Your HVAC Systems? 

October, 14, 2020 at 11:00

Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP can help you respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing an equipment survey:

  • Airflow measurement verification of outside air being taken in by your major air handling equipment.
  • An in-depth review of the graphics/Building Management System (BMS) and the Sequence of Operations (SOOs) of your major air handling equipment.
  • Physical inspection and overall survey of your major air handling equipment.
  • Sample select spaces within the facility that may be of a concern to the facilities staff.
  • Provide a report with the results of our field verification. Within this report, HEA shall make recommendations for maintaining the indoor environment conditions and to adhere to industry recommendations as it relates to COVID-19.
  • HEA will work with the building owner and/or a mechanical contractor to correct any issues found during the survey.
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