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Project Spotlight: Thaddeus Stevens Technology Manufacturing Center 

April, 09, 2019 at 04:00

Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP (HEA) was contracted by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services to provide construction stage commissioning services for the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Manufacturing center project. HEA’s scope of work included pipe/duct testing and commissioning of the following systems: ventilation, cooling, heating hot water, and plumbing, building automation, electrical, fire alarm and fire protection.

Client: Pennsylvania Department of General Services  

Location: Lancaster, PA

SF: 44,000 sf

Q/A with Kyle Shepherd, Field Engineer II

When first contracted for this project, what did the client express as the main goal / most pressing need for our services to accomplish?

I was brought on to this job to help the Baltimore office from NYC in the middle of the construction phase of this project. When I arrived, the most pressing need from our client, PADGS, was to have the new facility fully commissioned and ready to go as soon as possible. Our main goal was to ensure this new educational center’s MEP systems were operating properly, and as energy-efficient as possible.