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Q/A with Michael C. English, Senior Partner

HEA's 25th Anniversary (1995-2020)

This year marks HEA's 25th Anniversary! To celebrate, we're sharing some insights from Founder and Senior Partner, Michael C. English.

What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about HEA reaching its 25th year?

I can't believe I am that old 😊 When I was younger, I always wondered what it would be like if I said I have 25-30 years of experience. Now I know. It’s a great feeling knowing that something was created from nothing and built to this level and having such an impact on projects and infrastructure across the country.

What made you start HEA?

First was the opportunity I saw, where there was a gap in the construction process and the answer was commissioning providers. I decided to grow this and develop the company as people have the right to work and live in a building that operates correctly and is energy efficient.

Part 1 in a 5 part series. Stay tuned!

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