PreQuals & Certifications

New Construction Commissioning

Building commissioning for new construction is a systematic process that documents systems are designed, installed and operate in accordance with the owners project requirements. The commissioning process is accomplished with a thorough review of the design documents. HEA will then prove sequence of operations by inspecting equipment during installation and, when ready, test systems performance.

Commissioning integrates design, construction and operations to facilitate “big picture” project success, controlling conditions often underserved in the typical design and construction process. We commission for system performance, and our philosophy dictates we treat each facility as if we would operate it for the next twenty years. This enhances the quality of the project, which is reflected by improved energy efficiency, sufficient access to equipment, better operational characteristics and improved training of personnel.

Building Envelope Commissioning

HEA understands the importance of building enclosure integrity; a compromised envelope can cause energy inefficiency and user discomfort. HEA integrates envelope systems into its well-established commissioning process to provide clients with increased energy savings, reduced maintenance and longer lasting investments. Our building enclosure experience includes envelope auditing; commissioning; and consulting services involving design review, performance criteria development, specification production, submittal review, site observation, issues tracking, failure cause/extent analysis and remedial design.

Commissioning for LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

With over 450 LEED certified and registered projects in our portfolio, HEA offers expert knowledge of LEED qualifications and procedures to help your building achieve certification. HEA offers a variety of professional engineering services to fulfill LEED credits pertaining to building commissioning, indoor air quality issues and/or to provide full-service LEED AP services. HEA can provide services from start to finish including registering and setting up your project in LEED online, conducting design charettes and working with the project team to ensure the proper documentation is prepared and submitted in a timely manner for prerequisite and credit compliance.

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