Day in the Life of: Kyle Shepherd, Project Engineer

Hi, My name is Kyle Shepherd. I am a Project Engineer for Team 100 R10 NYC, and have been working predominantly at Brookfield Properties' Manhattan West development for just over a year. 

My mornings start by hopping on the NJ transit 123 Bus. This gets me to the Manhattan West project site on W 33rd by around 7:30AM. 


This is Manhattan West - Northeast Tower. I have been in charge of commissioning all systems and equipment on this project for the past 14 months. At 1,000 ft tall and 2.1 million SF, its one of the largest office towers in all of New York City!



On a project as large as this one, commissioning and construction activities occur daily. On this particular one, I witnessed load bank testing procedures of the UPS system prior to Pull-the-plug emergency power testing. This testing ensures true operational performance as well as the use of battery autonomy used in the Uninterrupted Power Supply system. 

When I'm not at Manhattan West, I have a few other smaller projects in the area that I am also responsible for. After UPS testing, I took the walk down the High-Line to W 15th St. This small office fit-out had ductwork Aero-sealing occurring, and I was present to make sure it was done correctly. Great views again!

Before  heading out, I completed some outstanding installation checks for mechanical equipment in the basement to ensure the Heating/Ventilation units installed were what the owner ordered. Always demanding a higher standard!

After a long day out in the field, I usually finish reports and send out client emails on the ride back to New Jersey on the PATH. All in a days work!


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