Day in the Life of: Matthew Wheeler, Engineering Manager

Day in the Life of: Matthew Wheeler, Engineering Manager

Hello, my name is Matthew Wheeler and I am an Engineering Manager for HEA's Massachusetts team. 

5:00 am - If my day involves being at a client's facility first thing in the morning, I like to be on the road as early as 5:00 am sometimes due to Boston's busy intersections and notoriously congested traffic. 


10:00 am For the first picture, I was the one taking the picture but I was on the roof with the balancer that entire day at a high school in southern New Hampshire. If I remember correctly, the afternoon high that day was 9° Fahrenheit. I had layers upon layers of clothes on but it was so cold that we spent time warming our gloves up in the exhausts from the gas furnaces on the RTUs. We do what we have to do get the job done correctly and safely. For the second picture, while this was not taken on the same day/time, this was taken at the same school when some pre-filters packed off from pollen were found to be "pulled-in" because they were so filthy. 

12:00 pm - While I try to eat healthy and pack my lunch every day, I do enjoy eating out every once in a while. This is the Blue Dalia restaurant inside of the Wegmans supermarket in Natick, MA. While I have only eaten here once, it was really good. 

2:00 pm - Panoramic view of the Boston skyline from the top of one of our client's facilities in south Boston. It's moments like this where I take a step back and appreciate everything that HEA has provided me. 

3:00 pm - My career also lets me take really neat pictures like this, looking up from inside a giant cooling tower. This is a sight that most people will never get to see (from the inside out). 

4:00 pm - While wrapping up obligations at Boston College for the day and walking back to my car, I snapped this picture of one of their unique buildings that exemplifies the characteristics of the older, establish higher-education institutions here in the Northeast. 

7:00 pm - Sometimes our work obligations have us working extended/odd hours and nights in order to support our client's needs. In this picture I am at a small elementary school doing some Infrared Thermography readings of some facade before they do a bunch of demolition work. The client asked if we could take some pre- and post-construction readings to verify insulation upgrades were working correctly. 


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