Employee Spotlight: Michael Palumbo

Meet Michael Palumbo! He is a Senior Engineer and was recently promoted and selected as an Employee of the Month! Here's a quick Q/A with him:

  • What's on your bucket list? Visit Italy with my kids and wife to where my father grew up.
  • What is your favorite meal? Anything from a Mexican Restaurant Menu!
  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Hmm, I did just mention to my wife the other day that it would be cool to have gills so I can swim indefinitely underwater.
  • List three hashtags that best describe you: #Focused, #TeamPlayer, #Detailed
  • What is your favorite moment while working at HEA? In February 2020, I will be hitting my ten year anniversary with HEA. So, I have a long swath of time to look back on now at HEA... I think collectively, my favorite moments are when I can fall back on prior experiences at HEA that helps me drive to resolution an issue, design concern, or complicated sequence testing.


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