Employee Spotlight: Tracy Kiernan

Meet Kieran Tracy! He is a Field Engineer at HEA and he recently earned his LEED Green Associate credential. HEA is committed to our tagline, “Demand a Higher Standard” and encourages our staff to always be learning and being ahead of the curve. Here's a quick Q/A with this rising star:

  • Why was it important to you to pursue your LEED Green Associate credential?

It was important for me to pursue this credential because sustainable building is becoming more prominent in our industry every day. I wanted to become more knowledgeable in this area to show that I understand the overall intentions of green building as well as HEA’s specific role as the Commissioning Authority in the big picture of a LEED project. Having a LEED credential helps position myself and HEA as valuable team members for any client that is targeting a LEED certification.

  • How will it help you to help our clients?

Pursuing a LEED certification is no small decision for a building owner or tenant, so having an extra set of eyes involved in the project to help make sure it stays on track can be an extremely valuable asset. After acquiring this LEED credential I have a better understanding of the important role of the Commissioning Authority in the LEED certification process, and also how HEA can ensure that the building operates as it was designed in order to achieve the intended performance level. As I become more involved in the design review process, having a LEED credential will help me to be more aware of the LEED credit requirements and also help me to present opportunities to qualify for additional points in the chosen rating system.

  • Any other plans for future certifications?

I plan on pursuing the LEED AP BD+C certification in the upcoming year.  


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