How Does the Commissioning Process Provide Value?

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How Does the Commissioning Process Provide Value?

Commissioning (Cx) is a strategic tool, used to ensure that an owner receives exactly what they are asking for in a construction project (any beyond)! The value can be derived from fewer issues found on projects; reduction of change orders, energy use and maintenance costs and increased operational productivity. Many issues identified during the commissioning process may not prevent the building from operating, but do impact their originally promoted value. 

Cx Value Snapshot:

- Building performs correctly from Day One. Cx provides a detailed review of the Owner's project requirements, design document submittals, final construction, post occupancy evaluation and operating documents including warranty information. This process results in easy turn over and efficient operations from the start. 

- Reduced operating costs (energy, water and waste, indoor air quality, reduced occupant problems - a drain on maintenance staff time and occupant satisfaction) 

- Knowledge is power. Commissioned facilities have a far better operational understanding of the intricate systems found in today's buildings. This knowledge can help to make the best decisions in regards to future capital improvements and operations plans. 

- Maintain competitive space. Well run buildings command attention as tenants seek new locations in this increasingly competitive market. 


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