Mission Critical Confidence: Independent Level 2 and Level 3 Services

Mission Critical Confidence: Independent Level 2 and Level 3 Services

Horizon Engineering Associates' (HEA) commissioning process is designed to facilitate full system project success at all levels of commissioning. We apply our extensive mission critical experience with our hands-on, boots on the ground approach to customize services for your project.

What if the Owner already has a third-party commissioning agent, and is requiring you to perform L2 and L3 commissioning services? Let us help you organize and execute any, or all, phases of commissioning. Large or small projects, HEA can provide commissioning and/or MEP technical staff augmentation to service any unique situation. 

Let our supplemental services allow you to approach your Level 4 services with little to no issues. Our Mission Critical commissioning services focus on:

  • Identifying KPIs and construction schedule milestones
  • Generating and completing commissioning documentation
  • Working with the team to meet the construction schedule
  • Ensuring safe commissioning startup and operation
  • Helping you meet your clients expectations
  • Equipment and systems reliability
  • Smooth equipment and systems turnover

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