Mykhaylo Hroshko, Project Engineer

Q/A with Mykhaylo Hroshko, Project Engineer
Employee of the Month: February 2017

1.If you could vacation anywhere on the planet, where would you go? Peter Island - Located in the British Virgin Islands.

2.What is something about you that would surprise people? Most folks find it surprising that I listen to audio recordings of motivational speakers in my car as a way to improve my people and social skills.

3.Describe your perfect Saturday. The perfect Saturday would require waking up around 4am and driving to the wilderness, setting up a tent by the lake, making BBQ, fishing, and spending quality time with the people I love. 

4.What is something you would like to learn to do? I would like to learn how to hunt using the traditional bow and arrow and crossbow.

5.What do you like best about working at HEA? Working with HEA allows me to improve my engineering knowledge database as well as skill. What I like the most is that I always work with different people and I find it very helpful to try and understand how everyone thinks and operates, I'm on a mission to develop great people and communication skills that will help me anywhere I go. HEA has a great culture of people that always support one another and never put anyone down. These are people who motivate me to continuously improve myself!


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