National Garden Week: Featuring Beekeeping!

By: Phil McCrory

My grandson is getting into beekeeping, so here are some pictures of this in our garden. We ordered a crate of bees from California. If you look close at the first picture of the white crate you can see thousands of legs of bees sticking thru the slots trying to escape. Do you know the feeling of taking off the lid to this crate and watching 1000s of bees take off; their first chance of freedom after being in a truck for three days. But in just a few moments the bees found their new home and settled in. It was fascinating to sit there and watch how they got all organized. We never got stung.

Now the bees are out and about the neighbor gathering their pollen. Sadly, the neighbors are opposed to bees and raising bees. When they see bees in their yard they think they are dangerous and start spraying them. And the neighbors don’t hesitate to tell us they will continue to use pesticides in their yard, which may kill off the bees. I can’t figure out why people want to poison our earth just to have pretty grass.


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