Nick Rios, Project Coordinator Assistant

Q/A with Nick Rios:

1.If you could vacation anywhere on the planet, where would you go? I’d definitely go to Rome, Italy. I’ve always been fascinated with the architecture and engineering that went in to making some of the buildings there.

2.What is something about you that would surprise people? I am a 5th Degree Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts.

3.Describe your perfect Saturday? Relaxing, listening to music, playing my guitar and spending time with my family.

4.What is something you would like to learn to do? Surfing or snowboarding.

5.What do you like best about working at HEA? The very friendly working environment. Everyone is willing to help each other out. I personally believe that the best way to succeed is working together as a team and HEA has this down pat!  


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