The Greener, Greater Buildings Plan

Mayor Michael Bloomberg passed legislation committing to reduce global warming emissions by 30% below 2005 levels. The six-point Greener, Greater Buildings Plan will ensure that existing buildings over 50,000 sf will become more efficient over time.

Local Law 84: Benchmarking Energy & Water Efficiency of Buildings

Each year, building owners must upload water and energy usage data onto the Environmental Protection Agency’s online benchmarking tool. This data will be publicly available, allowing potential tenants and buyers to see the building’s efficiency and energy costs. HEA can upload this data into the EPA’s online database and determine how your facility compares with similar building types.

Local Law 87: Energy Audits & Retro-Commissioning of Base Building Systems

Every 10 years, based on the building's tax block number, building owners must conduct an ASHRAE Level II energy audit and retro-commission their facilities.

Energy Audit. An ASHRAE Level II energy audit will identify measures, with calculated payback, to lower the building’s energy consumption and/or operational costs. HEA will help you prioritize which energy conservation measures to implement and provide a general assessment of how the energy using equipment/systems in the tenant space affect the base building’s energy consumption.

Retro-Commissioning. This must be performed on all base building systems (systems or sub-systems that use energy or impact energy consumption). The goal of retro-commissioning is to optimize the building’s energy performance through the identification and correction of deficiencies.

Link here for the full plan details.

Financing and Incentive Opportunities

HEA is a NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant. The FlexTech program provides funding for comprehensive, customized energy studies for commercial, industrial, institutional and government buildings. Energy studies are typically cost-shared 50%, up to $1,000,000 per project. Participate in FlexTech to receive 50% funding of benchmarking, energy audit and retro-commissioning studies.

HEA is an approved provider of the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficency Market Partner Program, which provides cash rebates and incentives for energy efficiency projects.