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Q/A with Michael C. English, Senior Partner (Part 2 of 5) 

August, 10, 2020 at 48:00

This year marks HEA's 25th Anniversary! To celebrate, we're sharing some insights from Founder and Senior Partner, Michael C. English.

What do you see as some of the biggest accomplishments since HEA’s start in 1995?
I look at the important projects that were successfully completed, the high caliber people that HEA developed but most of all an industry that was shaped due to my influence.

The US has experienced major shifts—politically, economically, culturally—over the last 25 years and, throughout, HEA has continued to increase its impact. What has made your approach effective over the years?
What HEA does cannot be done behind a desk. Most service providers don’t want to take the next or extra steps. For HEA, and for me personally, taking that extra step, getting your hands dirty and solving real problems, is what sets us apart.

Part 2 in a 5 part series. Stay tuned!

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Q/A with Michael C. English, Senior Partner 

HEA's 25th Anniversary (1995-2020)
July, 20, 2020 at 30:00

This year marks HEA's 25th Anniversary! To celebrate, we're sharing some insights from Founder and Senior Partner, Michael C. English.

What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about HEA reaching its 25th year?

I can't believe I am that old 😊 When I was younger, I always wondered what it would be like if I said I have 25-30 years of experience. Now I know. It’s a great feeling knowing that something was created from nothing and built to this level and having such an impact on projects and infrastructure across the country.

What made you start HEA?

First was the opportunity I saw, where there was a gap in the construction process and the answer was commissioning providers. I decided to grow this and develop the company as people have the right to work and live in a building that operates correctly and is energy efficient.

Part 1 in a 5 part series. Stay tuned!


Message from our Founder: HEA's 25th Anniversary 

June, 11, 2020 at 53:00

25 Years and Building!

HEA is extremely proud to be marking our 25th anniversary – a significant milestone that not many companies achieve. It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for commissioning looks so bright. A whopping 25 years ago, back in 1995, HEA was created. To put this into perspective, when I started HEA, Bill Clinton was President, the first Toy Story movie was released and some of you were not even born yet!

A big reason for HEA being successful for the past 25 years, is our strong belief and understanding of WHY we provide our services. A “why” statement is not about making money; that’s the result. The why is a purpose, cause or belief. It is the very reason HEA exists! HEA’s “why” statement is, “We believe everyone deserves to live and work in a building that is efficient and operates the way it was intended to.”

You can see our commitment to quality buildings reflected in our portfolio of important projects. HEA has shaped cities and left our mark of excellence with our involvement in projects across the nation, such as: National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Tappan Zee Bridge, New York Times HQ, LaGuardia Airport, Brookfield Towers, USTA Armstrong Stadium, Javits Center Expansion, Turkish House, Target stores nationwide, projects for Ford, GM, Mercedes Benz across North America, UM Mott Children’s Hospital, large-scale data centers and cleanrooms, to name just a few! It makes me exceedingly proud to see the work we are doing and the impact we are having in the communities we work in.


Project Spotlight: Target Corporation, New Construction & Existing Buildings - Nationwide 

September, 10, 2019 at 20:00

HEA has been providing commissioning services for hundreds of new/remodeled Target stores throughout the county since 2007. The stores consist of various types and sizes ranging from typical Target’s to City Targets, P-Fresh reboots and Super Targets. In addition, HEA has been heavily involved in Target’s end of life HVAC replacement program, serving as an adjunct Owner’s Representative. HEA’s primary objective is for energy consuming systems by ensuring proper installation methods and verifying system performance for energy optimization. The commissioned systems for Target stores include: HVAC (rooftop units, dehumidification units, energy recovery ventilators, air terminal units, split system air conditioners & exhaust fans), refrigeration (walk-in storage freezers & coolers, refrigerated product cases, anti-sweat heating and refrigeration energy management) and lighting (interior controls, exterior controls and occupancy sensors).

Client: Target Corporation

Location: Nationwide

Q/A with Philip Krizan - Field Engineer

Anything about this project that makes it stand out to you as different from any other projects you’ve previously worked on?

The travel. With over 100 stores from Massachusetts to California within our scope, traveling is a necessary part of the job. While all of the extra planning and coordination that’s involved because of this can be a challenge, it is worth it to be able to have an impact across the nation.


Project Spotlight: USTA, Armstrong Stadium 

July, 16, 2019 at 49:00

The USTA National tennis Center, Inc. contracted HEA to provide commissioning services as per USGBC NC LEED Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems and Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning for the USTA Louis Armstrong Stadium project in Flushing, NY. Services included reviewing of design documents, shop drawings, commissioning of all mechanical, control systems and balancing verification as well as developing a building systems manual. Throughout the duration of the project, HEA held regular commissioning meetings with the design team, owner, MEP trade firm and controls contractor in order to promote timely responses to major items of concerns. Finally, in accordance to Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning, a systems manual was provided to the owner to assist in continual preventative maintenance and peak energy efficiency of the building.

Client: USTA National Tennis Center, Inc.

Location: Flushing, NY

Q/A with Frank Laino – Project Engineer

When first contracted for this project, what did the client express as the main goal / most pressing need for our services to accomplish?

Two things were evident right from the beginning on this project. The first was the coordination it would take to complete Armstrong Stadium’s Secondary Glycol Chilled Water system with the existing Chiller plant on site that has been serving Arthur Ashe Stadium. The second was the importance to ownership of achieving LEED certification, which commissioning lent a hand in.


Project Spotlight: William Paterson University, College Hall HVAC 

May, 31, 2019 at 58:00

William Paterson University contracted Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP (HEA) to provide commissioning services for the College Hall HVAC Project. Services included commissioning of mechanical, control systems and balancing verification. The goal of the commissioning process was to ensure that William Paterson University received a building that operated and performed per the engineer’s and architect’s intended design as well as to provide the owner’s staff with the training and documents needed for continual maintenance and operation of the building well into the future. All deficient items identified during the commissioning process were documented and as a result, over 15 deficiencies were identified.

Client: William Paterson University of New Jersey (WPU)  

Location: Wayne, NJ

Q/A with Chris Fischer, Project Engineer

When first contracted for this project, what did the client express as the main goal/most pressing need for our services to accomplish?

William Paterson University’s Capital Planning team expressed concerns over the project being completed prior to the contractor walking away. Additionally, the operation of the building had not been working as required for years, and the importance of the offices being more comfortable was often expressed.