Project Spotlight: Target Corporation, New Construction & Existing Buildings - Nationwide

HEA has been providing commissioning services for hundreds of new/remodeled Target stores throughout the county since 2007. The stores consist of various types and sizes ranging from typical Target’s to City Targets, P-Fresh reboots and Super Targets. In addition, HEA has been heavily involved in Target’s end of life HVAC replacement program, serving as an adjunct Owner’s Representative. HEA’s primary objective is for energy consuming systems by ensuring proper installation methods and verifying system performance for energy optimization. The commissioned systems for Target stores include: HVAC (rooftop units, dehumidification units, energy recovery ventilators, air terminal units, split system air conditioners & exhaust fans), refrigeration (walk-in storage freezers & coolers, refrigerated product cases, anti-sweat heating and refrigeration energy management) and lighting (interior controls, exterior controls and occupancy sensors).

Client: Target Corporation

Location: Nationwide

Q/A with Philip Krizan - Field Engineer

If HEA did not properly address the deficiencies found, how would this negatively affect building performance?

The HVAC systems would not be working properly. We have been able to find a variety of issues with the units which would have affected both the performance of the units and the HVAC system for the entire store. By identifying these issues before the store is turned over, and collaborating with both Target and the installing contractor to get them corrected, we are able to provide Target with a peace of mind that they are getting a high-functioning HVAC system that is performing as designed.

What has been the biggest challenge faced during these projects and how was HEA been able to navigate through any of the problems faced due to this challenge?

Getting all of the deficiencies addressed. Because the job sites are so spread out, it takes a lot of collaboration and coordination to identify the issues and to get them addressed.

Anything about this project that makes it stand out to you as different from any other projects you’ve previously worked on?

The travel. With over 100 stores from Massachusetts to California within our scope, traveling is a necessary part of the job. While all of the extra planning and coordination that’s involved because of this can be a challenge, it is worth it to be able to have an impact across the nation.

What do you think the success of these projects shows about the qualities of HEA?

The success of these projects is a testament to the collaboration and expertise that Horizon brings to a construction team; and the impact that we can have on the national level.


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