Project Spotlight: USTA, Armstrong Stadium

The USTA National tennis Center, Inc. contracted HEA to provide commissioning services as per USGBC NC LEED Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems and Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning for the USTA Louis Armstrong Stadium project in Flushing, NY. Services included reviewing of design documents, shop drawings, commissioning of all mechanical, control systems and balancing verification as well as developing a building systems manual. Throughout the duration of the project, HEA held regular commissioning meetings with the design team, owner, MEP trade firm and controls contractor in order to promote timely responses to major items of concerns. Finally, in accordance to Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning, a systems manual was provided to the owner to assist in continual preventative maintenance and peak energy efficiency of the building.

Client: USTA National Tennis Center, Inc.

Location: Flushing, NY

Q/A with Frank Laino – Project Engineer

When first contracted for this project, what did the client express as the main goal / most pressing need for our services to accomplish?

Two things were evident right from the beginning on this project. The first was the coordination it would take to complete Armstrong Stadium’s Secondary Glycol Chilled Water system with the existing Chiller plant on site that has been serving Arthur Ashe Stadium. The second was the importance to ownership of achieving LEED certification, which commissioning lent a hand in.

What was the biggest challenge faced during the project and how was HEA able to navigate through any problems faced due to this challenge?

The biggest challenge was completing the necessary testing in time for the U.S. Open. The startup of the glycol chilled water system was a focused application to assure cooling was adequate for when the event was underway.

Anything about this project that makes it stand out to you as different from any other projects you’ve previously worked on?

The natural ventilation design of the stadium bowl was an interesting system to work with. This took a collaborative effort to plan the air balancing, verification, and functional testing of the system before the 2018 US Open as this is the only source of cooling for the patrons of the event. Mechanical cooling is only used in the hospitality, amenities, and retail spaces.

What do you think the success of this project shows about the qualities of HEA?

Overall this project required HEA to cohesively work with the construction team to plan and deliver tests and reports in a timely manner, showing our ability to collaborate. Additionally, our accountability was displayed where we went beyond the scope and aided in the startup and adjustment of systems before and during the US Open. As it closes, we feel that the impact this project has made in NYC is immense and that are proud to be a part of it.


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