Project Spotlight: William Paterson University, College Hall HVAC

William Paterson University contracted Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP (HEA) to provide commissioning services for the College Hall HVAC Project. Services included commissioning of mechanical, control systems and balancing verification. The goal of the commissioning process was to ensure that William Paterson University received a building that operated and performed per the engineer’s and architect’s intended design as well as to provide the owner’s staff with the training and documents needed for continual maintenance and operation of the building well into the future. All deficient items identified during the commissioning process were documented and as a result, over 15 deficiencies were identified.

Client: William Paterson University of New Jersey (WPU)  

Location: Wayne, NJ

Q/A with Chris Fischer, Project Engineer

When first contracted for this project, what did the client express as the main goal/most pressing need for our services to accomplish?

William Paterson University’s Capital Planning team expressed concerns over the project being completed prior to the contractor walking away. Additionally, the operation of the building had not been working as required for years, and the importance of the offices being more comfortable was often expressed.

What was the biggest challenge faced during this project and how was HEA able to navigate through any problems faced due to this challenge?

The biggest challenge faced during this project was locating the miscellaneous VAVs throughout the building and properly identifying the problems associated with each.

If HEA did not properly address the deficiencies found, how would this of negatively affected the building’s performance?

The issues identified by HEA increased occupant comfort, saved energy and better controlled the humidity throughout the building.

What do you think the success of this project shows about the qualities of HEA?

This project required a strong team effort to work together with the University in identifying the issues within the building. Our success demonstrated the hard work and dedicated HEA incorporates into all of our project to ensure that nothing but the highest quality of work is accepted.


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