Spot the Deficiency! Can you find what HEA was able to fix?

ANSWER: The picture is of a condenser water heat exchanger. Primary side is piped on the left and secondary side is piped on the right. The inlet and outlet piping should be reverse on either side. Meaning the inlet of the right side should be on the bottom and the inlet on the left side should be on the top. However, the contractors installed the piping wrong on the left (secondary) side. If put in operation this way it would have a significant effect on the performance of the heat exchanger and would be a costly and timely issue to resolve. (In the marked up picture below you can see that the arrows on the left side don’t match up with the wording. Outlet has the arrow going into the heat exchanger, and the inlet has the arrow pointing out)

Spotted by: Kieran Tracy, Project Engineer


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