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Scroll down to see the answer! Thank you to Chris Cookingham, Field Engineer, for documenting this.

Answer: This is from a TAB Report that was submitted by a TAB Contractor for final approval. Somehow they managed to get flows that are not only close to what is stated in the submittal and the design documents, but the numbers are exact, down to the hundredth of a GPM. This is an indication that TAB work was either not performed, or performed incorrectly. HEA used this and our verification process to demonstrate to an owner that the TAB contractor did not perform adequate work.

Seeing a flow value that exactly matches any document, especially the design intent, is always going to lead to a false TAB Report in some form or another. This is also a good demonstration of why reviewing the TAB Report is part of HEA's scope, as the engineer on the project had approved this document because it was not outside of their 10% allowance.


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