Steam Trap Surveys

Start your energy conservation program with a low cost steam trap survey, where a typical return on investment is 60 - 75 days. 

Have a Plan
Steam traps should be inspected annually to prevent the loss of thousands of dollars due to faulty or inoperable traps. The average failure rate in most facilities is between 10-12% per year when on a yearly steam trap maintenance plan.

Our Process
HEA utilizes ultrasonic testing equipment to diagnose steam trap condition. Using ultrasonic equipment, HEA’s experienced engineers can “listen” to each trap, recognizing the unique operation pattern of each type of steam trap to confirm that it is functioning properly. While performing the survey, HEA physically tags each trap with an ID number as well as a summary of any non-conformance.

HEA provides a detailed matrix including information such as the manufacturer, size, location, application, and operational notes and recommendations for optimizing the steam traps. With this information, you will be able to easily coordinate the replacement of traps which are no longer functioning properly. Trends can now be tracked over time, which is useful in spotting recurring problems, assessing misapplication of traps, and documenting costs and savings.

You will find increased energy savings with a diligent steam trap survey program. Look at what we have saved our clients in the past:

  • A steam trap survey on over 1,600 traps at a university discovered $220,000 in losses per year in steam costs. With HEA’s recommendations of repairing the failed or plugged traps, they saw a simple payback in only 43 days. 
  • Another steam trap survey on 500 traps uncovered a $65,000 loss of steam per year and with our recommendations, the client’s payback was achieved in 41 days.

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