The College of New Jersey - Brower Student Center

HEA was engaged by The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) to provide both MEP and Building Envelope Commissioning Services (BECx) for the Brower Student Center Project in Ewing, NJ. This project includes a major renovation that will provide a transformative change to the interior and exterior of the building, as well as a 25,000 sf addition. The program includes meeting and event spaces; student spaces; co‐curricular support; lounge / social spaces; and dining in addition to mechanical/circulation/building support.TCNJ was particularly vigilant about ensuring that the BECx is performed by qualified personnel with building envelope experience.

HEA was first engaged during the design phase and continued through the completion of construction and post occupancy. In regards to the BECx process, HEA played a role in ensuring that the systems were designed in accordance with the owner’s requirements. In addition, HEA confirmed that the systems were installed in a manner that met the high expectations of the University.

Progress Shots


Challenges Faced
by Robert Golda, Building Enclosure Associate

One of the most challenging items on the project was in regards to the air and vapor barrier detailing as well as the continuity of the systems. HEA ensured that the air and vapor barrier met not only code requirements, but also confirmed the proper installation required for the air tightness of the building envelope. Throughout the construction process, HEA performed regular site inspections to observe the installation, and worked with the contractors to ensure that all deficiencies were rectified properly prior to completion of the work. HEA also worked together with the Air Barrier Association of America, or ABBA, inspector on the project to ensure that all details were documented as well as properly installed.

Given all the challenges in the detailing and the installation, HEA’s BECx team provided an additional layer of scrutiny to ensure that the air and vapor barrier was being installed properly and ensuring that areas that were not in accordance with the contract documents were corrected.  


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