The Relationship of BECx to LEED V.4

LEED Version 4 has recently put the spotlight on Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx), in a good way.  In the event your project is pursuing the credit associated with “Enhanced Commissioning”, you will be required to retain a BECx Agent, and quickly.  BECx has been introduced to ensure the performance of the enclosure is coordinated with all related building systems, and to increase the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Some of the key factors associated with the new version are highlighted below:

  • Minimum Requirements for Exterior Enclosure.  Even in the event that a BECx Agent is not engaged in the project, LEED V4 now requires that the team include Exterior Envelope performance in the Owner’s Project Requirements, as well as the Basis of Design. 
  • Enhanced Commissioning Credit, BECx Agent during DD Phase.  A qualified BECx Agent must be engaged by the Building Owner during the Design Development Phase for the project.  This allows for sufficient review of the Owner’s Project Requirements, as well as ample time for drawing reviews, especially if an early package is planned for the Building Envelope, which is becoming more and more the norm.
  • Enhanced Commissioning Credit, BECx Agent responsibilities throughout the project.  The BECx Agent will be responsible for ensuring that all of the Owner’s Requirements are met through comprehensive document reviews, submittal reviews, witnessing of testing, and reviewing the quality of installation onsite.  They are required to become an integral part of the Building Envelope Team, to ensure that the system as designed and installed meets all of the projects performance and aesthetic goals.
  • Enhanced Commissioning Credit, Provide Post Occupancy Review and Support.  Your BECx Agent will be required to provide you will post occupancy support during the warranty period for your envelope systems.  In the event an issue arises, they will be there to assist in supporting the owner in finding the responsible party and solution.  This too, is a requirement of the Enhanced Commissioning Credit in LEED Version 4.

The LEED Version 4 references the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) Guideline 3, which is the industry accepted guideline for performing the BECx process.

For more information please contact Robert Golda, Building Enclosure Associate and BECx Specialist, at 646-442-1116 or by email at


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