January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! Time to Think About an Energy Audit for Your Facility!

Commercial Building Energy Audit

The main purpose of an energy audit, from an economic perspective, is to provide information to the Building Owner that will help them to make energy saving decisions in regards to where and how to best invest money into their building. A proper energy audit report will quantify the effect on operating costs (and reduction of energy) of implementing modifications to a building (such as lighting upgrades, HVAC controls improvements and building envelope improvements). While some improvements may seem obvious choices to implement, it is often not obvious that the life-cycle cost of the improvement is the best economic decision, and would be a more sound investment than using the financial capital elsewhere. A properly executed energy audit is a key component to the operating plan for a well-managed building or portfolio of buildings.

Written by: Joseph Sadow, Engineering Manager

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