What is Commissioning?

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Have you ever constructed a building and it did not turn out exactly like you had hoped? Construction in today's world moves at light speed and to have a construction team that is an expert in all of the building's systems is difficult. Commissioning is the solution to help mitigate some of these (and other) problems. The commissioning process helps to ensure the finished building is operating as it was intended on opening day.
Building commissioning for new construction is a systematic process that documents systems are designed, installed and operate in accordance with the owners project requirements. The commissioning process is accomplished with a thorough review of the design documents. HEA will then prove sequence of operations by inspecting equipment during installation and, when ready, test systems performance.
How to get the most value from the Commissioning Process
- Hire an experienced commissioning team.
- Commissioning is not a just an item on a checklist to hastily complete; neither is it something done from behind a desk. The commissioning process is an intense QA/QC tool that flushes construction issues out early on before they arise to be a problem later.
- Involve the commissioning provider during the training of the operations staff. You have just invested millions of dollars into your new building and/or addition; now it needs to be operated correctly. Use your commissioning provider to help the facilities group understand what it takes to operate the facility at optimum efficiency.
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